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With the change from Minds 101 to STRIVE, came the need for a new website.

It would have been nice to get but the chances of that being available were never going to be good. At least that domain is not about mental health and is in Canada, so people won’t get the sites mixed up.

WS domains really mean Western Samoa, but people have become used to sites using them as meaning Web Site. If the .com version is already taken, then .ws is a good alternative, albeit more expensive. To use a extension you need an ABN number and get tied up with a lot of red tape.

We also had an opportunity to create a new logo that was simple but to the point. The site still uses WordPress and we are using a customised version of one of their default themes. The layout is fully responsive and will work on any device, even phones.

The Minds 101 website now redirects here.

Why did we choose the name STRIVE? We wanted a one word name, similar to GROW, that encapsulated our objective and won’t get confused with gardening sites. The name also needed to be a generic dictionary word that can’t be subject to trademark or copyright problems.

There are a lot of hidden traps for the unwary when it comes to naming an organisation, even one as small as ours. You have to think long-term too. If the group ever grew to multiple meetings around Perth or even interstate, or international for that matter, then would the name still be relevant and available?

Realistically, that would probably never happen, at least not in my lifetime. But it’s the sort of thing you need to think about early. There has already been talk within the group about how to help the families of the person with the mental health issue, similar to how Alanon works with AA. You never know whether an idea will blossom like AA and GROW did.

We hope you find the website useful and feel free to leave any comments or send us a message using the contact form. It’s always great when you find people are actually reading your website and taking the time to interact with it.

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